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Kathryn Scurry, the CEO/Founder of Queer Therapy Network Mental Health Professionals Houston Chapter (QTNMHPHC) and Follow The Rainbow Queer Mental Health Community (FTRQMHC) is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and small business owner of color that is no stranger to overcoming obstacles as she has faced many in her life having both a hysterectomy due to uterine fibroids in 2005 and a thyroidectomy in 2019 due to an early onset of a thyroid disease.

But her hardest fight would come in 2020, where she experienced a severe case of food poisoning that almost took her life. And to make matters worse, being discriminated and misdiagnosed by medical professionals and mental health professionals on top of battling past traumas that kept her in a loop of anxiety and depression.

But instead of giving up while in fight or flight mode daily and on various medications, she had enough and mustered up the courage and strength to fight back by first getting the care she needed while advocating for herself. In 2021, while putting in the work to become a healthier and better version of herself through therapy with a strong focus on improving her mental health, she launched Pride Entertainment Magazine - a monthly magazine that highlighted and celebrated LGBTQ+ community members making a positive impact. Yet she still felt the need to do more to serve her community and took it a step further and in 2022, after hearing other queer community members stories and her own experiences with seeking medical and mental health services, manifestation of Queer Therapy Network now Queer Therapy Network Mental Health Professionals Houston Chapter (QTNMHPHC) was born to help others in the LGBTQIA+ community who also struggle with mental health.


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We dream long before we act. Some choose to stand by and watch while others choose to take action.

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Life is not a sprint. When building something great it takes time and patience. Focus and keep your eyes on your prize.

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Always remember that obstacles will come and go. Let nothing or no one stand in your way.

Kathryn, in October 2022, became one of the recipient of the 2022 “Queer to Stay: An LGBTQ+ Business Preservation Initiative Small Business Grant," awarded by the Human Rights Campaign and SHOWTIME, which celebrates and supports queer community members by putting funds directly into the hands of multiply-marginalized LGBTQIA+ business owners, helping small businesses around the globe. She has put the financial contribution to good use by hiring a group of talented and like-minded individuals whom all bring their own talents and expertise to achieve a collective mission, vision, and attainable queer mental health goal.

Seeking mental healthcare services is never easy and for some it can be overwhelming when you don't know where to start. Kathryn hopes that by building Queer Therapy Network Mental Health Professional Houston Chapter (QTNMHPHC) to service the LGBTQIA+ community with queer-affirming mental health services and support working hand and hand with the Follow The Rainbow Queer Mental Health Community (FTRQMHC) it will encourage LGBTQIA+ community members to take advantage of the chapter network mental health services, support and resources available in a welcoming, safe, inclusive, and diverse mental health community for all.


CEO / Founder


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