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Fists in Solidarity

Are you an individual or organization looking to partner with QTN as a Community Partner?

Queer Therapy Network understands that partnering with mental health individuals and organizations is essential to support and effectively address the mental health crisis surrounding the queer community with a mission and dedication to the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals and communities worldwide while building a vast network of partners. QTN welcomes all individuals and organizations who align with our mission to join us

 with a goal to better assist the community.

When you partner with QTN you aid in creating opportunities and providing much needed help in the queer community while promoting meaningful, resourceful, and positive change that makes a difference.

How To Become A QTN Community Partner

Join QTN as a community partner and become part of our mental health network promoting diversity, inclusivity, and change. QTN wants to know more about your organizations and we offer several community partnership opportunities. If the partnership you are requesting is not available, we can discuss how to work together and create it to best fit both organizations needs.

Download a Community Partner Packet and submit with more information about your organization and your interest in partnering with QTN.

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